How We Work

The David Madison Photography Process for Aerial, Architecture, Commercial, Construction, Corporate and Portrait Photography come in 3 Phases:

  • Phase 1: Pre-production. During the first phase in our process, we learn about your project and your goals for the final product. Each photography project is unique, and requires different strategies and implementation to reach the desired goals and/or aspirations. What kind of tone fits best? What look and feel do you want the photography to take on? This first phase includes consultations via input meetings or calls (scaled to your needs and/or availability). After that, we will do logistical research and location intelligence to maximize effectiveness of the end-product. The goal here is for us to fully understand your needs ensuring that we get off to a great start in creating a solid final product.
  • Phase 2: Production. During this phase, we get out of the office and get behind the camera. For Aerial, Architecture, Commercial and Construction Photography, we’ll photograph the locations, while utilizing the best crew and gear for each unique job. For Corporate and Portrait Photography, we'll set up a time that works best for those being photographed, set up shop, and produce high quality images quickly and efficiently. Our shoots are intentionally methodical, professional, and friendly. Our crew will work collaboratively and creatively on-set to capture the high quality imagery that we are known for.
  • Phase 3: Post-production. Post-production means taking the directives and assets that we gathered during pre-production, and combining them with the content we photographed during production. By piecing these elements together, we create a great collection of photographic images. This part of the process begins with the development of an “Online Proof Gallery,” which is a rough-cut of the photography from the production phase. We then gather your image selections and retouching requests to develop the final cut. At each step, we invite your feedback and collaboration to ensure that we’re on the right track to a successful finished product that meets your business' needs and takes your company’s image to the next level.


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